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tv   [untitled]    December 4, 2014 1:30pm-2:01pm PST

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regret if we have arrhythmia with central subway we didn't think far enough and we've learned this is going to take a coordinated city effort we know how much our voters value the transportation this is encouraging do we have the city have the appetite and we'll have - maybe this have shorten the environmental review and it's great i also this tack away director reiskin this is not a deal breaker it is easier to do the construction but on stockton we can do it and make that work
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on this area so this is really an exciting project and hope all the city agencies will continue to think pretty big on it. >> thank you very much outstanding report we looking forward to further dialog as time goes by. >> time is going by (laughter). >> i feel he left the board a day ago i want to acknowledge formerly david chiu he was a champion for the people he spoke he urged and helped to get the funding foreign the study so even though it came here in city hall a day after city hall i want to acknowledge it's leadership. >> we'll move background 14 for the out board report.
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>> this allows our customers to enter into my door by reducing
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the dwell time when the vehicles are stopped historically there's been a trade off between faster service and collection to reduce this buzz have generally required everyone to go through the front door over time some bus light rail systems outside of san francisco have's ticket vending machines for customers to prepay we've had anti door boarding that had been illegal until 2012 among our peers we're the only peers to legalize this system wide other transit systems outside boarding is limited it a few transit modes prime minister because of the technicality
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vending marketplaces we were able to go system wide you're going a different he approach first, we have the inspections to look at the geography area with limited resources, and, secondly, we city allow our customers to pay cash on board so we don't need to get vending machines at all stops most of your customers prepay over 10 percent of rush hour involve cash tractionsactions so we'll briefly talk about the implementation it was the might want disciplinary effort throughout the agency over 6 months we took various steps to prepare and we hired the inspections and lodged an
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internal communication strategy for that the stakeholders here are some works of our internal and external communications on vehicles online and here we have we also developed a comprehensive methodology for the program bans 3 goals first to reduce the time in stock, and, secondly, to make overlay transit 7, 8, 9 faster and third to at least preserve their compliance during our evaluation whatever possible we relied on fiscal observation to make sure we see the policies intact first-hand those photos compare to what it was like before and after our customers figured out how to
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minimize their queuing time by describing themselves between the door with more bells there's better internal circulation so we'll take a look at how it effects our transmitted operation we know that the rear door boarding more hallway off our passengers are using the rear door as a result, the times have fallen by one and a half second for boarding that may not seem like a lee lot but it adds up waiting for a green light or natural we found that dwell time consistency increased and this is an important factor in helping to reduce the vehicle bunches and gaps and making
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services more predictable we also wanted to see and aforethought boarding we went out to concentration of downtown shoerpdz and tourist we served different types vehicles regular two door buses and our f line streetcars regardless of the vehicle the percentage of the customers boarding through the doors increased significantly as a result we saw reductions in the dwell time now we'll take a look at the overlay travel times as measured have improved miefldly their 20 percent of total travel sign so it impacts
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the boarding i'm sure you're aware of san francisco has grown with more residence and personal vehicles and muni ridership has gone up it helps muni to move in times of the city's transportation system finally we'll look at the additional board of directors impact on the financeds and the job compliance during the last 5 years the sfmta payment program has capitalized from 6 light rail lines to encompass the whole system that represents a 5 fold increase as measured that i ridership the sthav has grown but might have hadly in comparison to provide the geography coverage effectively has an approach we routinely
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rotate our units to places around the city this strategy helps to keep things in check to measure that we induct a survey they ride the entire system and report how our riders pay we completed our scene checking over 50 thousand customers and found a continued trend of improved compliance with the fair rates estimated and 4.5 percent we estimate that it currently costs about $17 million annually in uncaptured fair revenue assuming everyone pace down from
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5 years ago this is an important approach to make transit faster and more reliable we've achieved the goals we hope our experience what about informative to them thank you thank you, mr. lee and members of the board. >> thank you director for being the first vocal champion it's apprehensive to be and thank you director reiskin we've had something done impressive and
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been a model for other agencies i know we have people complain about the inspectors and how we wait for the busses i appreciate them so much this is important it also makes the business feel safer and sometimes great so thank you. great presentation and congratulations for our work. >> i have a - >> director lee. >> question are reable to e equate. >> we've looked at our online performance there's been growth in the city it's hard to necessarily isolate all the factors into ailment performances last week the does the vehicle start do we have
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enough the time in our schedule we didn't want to make a leap in drawing conclusions with that aspect knowing about the factors. >> well, thank you thing i think that let a lot of us to support the requested it's one of a 3 legged stool, if you will, to get on time frequent he reliable bus service i think that while it's clear we see and congratulations to you, you and ear team and thank you for your work the finding it hadn't increased the overlay speed at the time not surprisingly in the sense even if you have the outdoor boarding you sit in traffic so a lot of the times you within the doors close and
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without designated lanes to really speed transit along i hope this is just sort of the taste that could come if brt like amenities throughout the system i'm grateful and really glad of the success and courage us to share the knowledge and the support i'd like for us to be thinking about how do we get more the transit lanes to compensate again with the transit only lanes if we had transit lanes we'd lose a lot of the times we would have saved by the cue. >> can i say one more thing i am concerned i agree that outdoor boarding helps it is
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hard for me to not say we can quantify if i but we can add additional fair inspectors i have a problem with the imbalance i want to look at it from a service standpoint how we're doing on that. >> first of all, i want to thank chris our director of security and enforcement obviously without the work we couldn't get that rates to go down when we were implementing this we looked at how many circumstances and director reiskin supported the increase in the budget at this point obviously and sure jason and congratulations on an outstanding job with the study it was labor intensive nevertheless to say, we held our
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breath so see whether or not you know the results which you turned out to be counterintuitive the rate would have gone down and certainly we'd last week to think that the transit inspections were part of that but to be realistic interest were other issues the gradual improvement of the economy and the use of clipper and the efforts of police department the desired and assisting with the enforcement i don't think i'll not say necessarily did we reach our fair inspections for the system you know, i think all of us as transit riders in san francisco see the fair innovation and other issues on board on a daily basis so certainly our numbers we assess on a regular basis and certainly we want to keep it you
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know positive albeit it positively slow to keep going down. >> directors. >> i was going to say this gets a little bit - customer service in better areas their it would be a bit groovy have a situation where someone get her foot can you tell the court and it was badgered. >> thank you for that droefrn that's good feedback and the comments we receive on a regular basis we try to work with the directors and sort of foster our culture of continual improvement in customer service in certainly no convict for bad customer service or conduct with that
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said, it is challenging occupation a grateful of because of the skaulth rate is one inspector assaulted every 10 days that's a challenging occupation with that said, you, your comments are well-taken and want to continue to improve our area. >> thank you gentleman okay. so item 13. >> we're on public comment on this matter. >> okay. good. >> we're saving the best for last and (calling names) and good afternoon that report is totally ridiculous it doesn't state about the injuries and accidents that can you say when lack of maintenance of the rear door s it doesn't talk about the injuries that the
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passengers sustain or talk about the crime that is committed by us as operator not able to interview the passenger that gets on the coach allowing them to board though the front allows us to access if tare going to be problematic or not it's a safety - it's nothing about safety that was in that report. >> it is nothing about passengers unsustainable injuries in that report because of the backdoor boarding as an operator i don't condone it is unsafe it is time consuming because those numbers are just
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fictitious it leaves us you powerless to talk about how to stop an incident from happening i had an incident on the thirty stomping stockton around christmastime i saw the perpetrator trying to get through the backdoor i stopped it i've been out there those people have not been out there they don't know what it is to drive a bus in the city of san francisco so this report is ridiculous. >> thank you. next speaker. >> (calling names). >> i'm speaking again i'll read a letter i'm gratified to see o small improvements are
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happening they want to congratulate you for having the 4 door boarding the rear doors that don't open automatically to use the rear door boarding and russ the cash payments and more lawful boarding and rapt roll out of the simultaneously priorities their pleased. >> want more i want to speak a moment to the fair inspectors i seen them ones on the bus they held the bus and i remember in for that reason or fair inspectors in europe they're pilot and please would go a long way and not to come throw in a
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massive you know like they're afraid of the public they come in 20s and 3s hopefully, we'll get past 7.9 maybe more free rides. >> thank you. next speaker. and (calling names). >> although boarding is an important part of the program that voters prioritized when i was in germg in the 1980s when i went into the subway stations i was looking for the incubates in the 1980s well, they didn't have gates it was outdoor boarding i later learned there was step forward looking at you uniform officers that roomed the trains if you are that caught without a
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ticket there was a severe penalty and los angeles station no gates on the subway station i don't think those people are more honest telethon san franciscans the reliability or the per seated reliability and the frequency of trains is very important you may not increase the speed of buses but the easy of the use brings people back and the customers back although the boarding a very, very good thing i think their - it hadn't a new thing it's a good thing.
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>> the next item is 12. >> moving back up to item 13 and obtaining the annual report. >> let's do 12. >> authorizes the director to calculate to purchase low december sale needing 68 millions plus and for a term not to exceed 6 years of the base contract with options to purchase additional vehicles. >> this is the fourth step in our plan to replace the oldest
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rubber tire fleet in he north american maintenance costs frequent breaks down this contract today is for 61 buses as the first part includes as restraining order bettered said several options and 6 years contract and while i know many of you are interested in talking about paris those buses come from minnesota a lot of the features our customers have enjoyed that are here on the 40 forecasters all throughout the city go to the division and routes like the 38 and again, this includes the replacement but allows us to first have the expansion of 56 bused to meet
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the growing ridership demand so as most of our fleet programs have both decrease the age and increase the reliability in terms of the main distance and improve our safety options like doors and again fulfills our plan to replace the entire rubber tire fleet by 2019. >> thank you members of board questions or comments. >> mr. chairman i'm not that any members of the public wish to speak. >> all in favor, say i. opposed? excellent presentation and item 13 for the mta fiscal annual
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report mr. chair, i have a 3 hours presentation (laughter) this is our annual report we're excited to be putting forward it went online so i'll cover the highlights and into quickly but it is an important opportunity for us to take note and record some of the accomplishments and give us prospective on where we are coming from i want to acknowledge tremendous; right work from our plan teaming who did the lions share of the work in an or not format so if we could have the slides i thought sfgovtv what the report covers
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i might need you to i have to turn it on its one of those things. >> it's the technology. >> age higher tech this covers where the need of transit and taxi and agency it gives basically information about the system and really starts with the focus on the strategic plan you adapted with a few years bank we're really urging to guide the agency this image is what's on the cover of the plan meant tee represent the movement of the transportation system and the fact that where we're people rely on rain or shine on 24/7 there's a lot happening in the muni vision zero the transportation bond and the voters approved last month you've heard under john the
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central somewhat the completion so the accomplishments goal safety you choose to make sure that was our top focus some good things the crime on muni is detain not long ago it was moving in the wrong direction in terms of the electronic devices we've been able to turn that around we've adapted vision zero and this is preservation 9 of the 24 projects so for the workplace injuries are down and prevention and the wellness program as you've seen come through here with the safety project we've covered vision zero and the second goal about
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travel choices about implementing the city's transit policy in terms of accomplishment you heard the next phase in terms of refreshing the first bus fleet 2 hundred and 12 in place we'll be able to keep the replacement coming a lot moving in terms of vehicle sharing and the bike sharing a significant expansion of car sharing we're implementing electric scooters and making those viable and to speak to angle earlier comment about ride sharing the t nc are not and finally completed the sf park pilot we recorded back a few meetings back in the summer and b will be coming forward
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with recommendations with the theory of sf park two dramatic pricing we'll improve the reliability and reduce congestion muni is improving transportation issue which include the creation of the network and improving reliability we've talked about the outdoor boarding and making the system smallest with technology with the safety assess we've had capital projects and we'll have a lot more coming over the cows of 2015 and goal 3 a live ability issue with the affordability it is challenged and the quality of life is something that the transportation is much a part of insuring we can maintain


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